Summary: Fitted sheet is 밴드 달린 매트리스 커버

I think many foreigners in Korea, especially EPIK teachers, can't find fitted sheets in Korea.

Because Korean and English have some differences, it is hard to find fitted sheets.

If you try to translate "fitted sheet" to Korean, the word you identified would not mean the same thing as "fitted sheet" in North America.

There isn't a Korean word to describe fitted sheets. Maybe your co-teacher or colleague would call it a 침대커버, but 침대커버 looks bedspread to you. (See picture number one)

Picture 1. 침대커버 on Google.

So, what is fitted mattress in Korean? It is 매트리스 커버.

You may think this is weird, because 매트리스 커버 sounds like mattress cover, but "fitted sheet" is 매트리스 커버 in Korea. (See picture number two)

Picture 2. 매트리스 커버 on Google.

Since Korea doesn't have a long history of using bed, there aren't be good words to describe shams, pillow cases, fitted sheets, flat sheets, duvet covers and bed skirts.

So if you would like to buy fitted sheet in person, go to a supermarket near your apartment, for example 홈플러스, 롯데마트, 이마트 and etc., and say "밴드 달린 매트리스 커버 주세요.".

Or you can buy through an online shopping mall. There are some famous online shopping malls. For example 옥션, 쥐마켓, 11번가, and etc. The key word to search is 밴드 매트리스 커버 (See picture number three). Here is search result from 옥션. As you can see, the price range is 6,900 - 19,900 won.

You can receieve your fitted sheet in two days if you shop through an online shopping mall, because it is 빨리빨리 Korea.

Picture 3. 밴드 매트리스 커버 results at 옥션

(Click the picture and go to the online shopping mall and buy it!

But I am sorry there isn't English page.)

There is not an extract translation becaused of the different cultural basis.

I would say that Korean and English often can't be directly translated one to one.

In this case, fitted sheet is 매트리스 커버 or 밴드 달린 매트리스 커버, and 침대커버 is bedspread.

Have fun and enjoy decorating your bed!

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