When you go to work as an engineer, you won't have lectures to provide information on how to solve your assigned problems, but will be pretty much on your own. It is to your advantage to start functioning that way while you're still in school. Figure out what you need to make course material clearer--practical applications of theories and formulas, for example, or worked-out examples of computational procedures--and try to get it. Ask your course instructor, in or out of class. Look for helpful material in your course text, in other texts on the same subject, and in references like handbooks and encyclopedias. Study for tests and (if permitted) work on homework in groups, following the guidelines given in this paper for making group work effective. When all else fails, occasionally consult experts or arrange for tutoring in courses in which you regularly need help. These practices will improve your performance in college courses and in your professional career. More importantly, they will enable you to keep learning effectively for the rest of your life.

문제 해결 전에 충분히 생각을 해볼 것.


혼자 하는 것보다는 그룹으로 공부하는 것이 좋다. 3~4명 사이즈가 좋다.


문제 해결이 안될 때는 충분히 생각해보고 물어볼 것.


대학 너무 오랜만에 오는 것이라서 매일 매일 하드하게 해야 잘 따라갈 수 있을 것 같다.

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