The Last Lecture (Paperback/ International Edition)
저자 : 랜디 포시(Randolph Frederick Randy Pausch),Pausch, Randy/ Zaslow, Jeffrey
출판 : Hyperion Books 2008.04.10


The first day in the Lunar new year, I looked around to spend time in book store for an appointment. At that time, suddenly, I was eager to read written in English. Since I began to learn English, I never read book for fun in English, even almost my book of major written in English. Actually, I tried it once, after graduate high school. However, I became fail. I knew just few word and phrase, in short, I was poor.


Anyway, as you know, "The Last Lecture" is one of the most popular book in the world. Randy Pauch, sadly, passed away, and left a kind of legacy. There are some of example how to live the rest of some's own life, but also who have time enough. Even he looked well and delighted on youtube, there are his honest interenal words.


I'd like to recommend who feel boring them life.


I hope Randy Pausch rest in peace.

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